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Christopher ChedeauFront End Engineer at Facebook
James PearceEngineering at Facebook
Pete HuntEngineering
Frank FrankovskyEngineering

2014 and Beyond - OCS V

Posted about 4 years ago
video · Infra · Open Source · Open Compute · Hardware

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Dhruba BorthakurEngineering

RocksDB: A High Performance Embedded Key-Value Store for Flash Storage - Data @ Scale

Posted about 5 years ago
video · Data · Infra · Backend · @Scale · Open Source

Dhruba Borthakur, software engineer at Facebook, presents RocksDB, a new open-source embedded database that's meant to take advantage of all the performance flash has to offer, from right on the application server. Watch video...

Will BaileySoftware engineer at Facebook

Bringing Beautiful Interactions to Android Apps - Mobile @ Scale

Posted about 5 years ago
video · Mobile · @Scale · Android · User Experience · Open Source

Drawing on his experience as an engineer on Facebook Home, Will Bailey, Software Engineer at Facebook, describes the tools used by both engineers and designers to ensure UI performance in Android, and launches the Rebound open source physics library. Watch video...

Simon StewartEngineering

Building Mobile Apps with Open Source Tools - Mobile @ Scale

Posted about 5 years ago
video · Mobile · @Scale · Open Source · Android · iOS · Tooling

Open source is an important part of the engineering infrastructure at Facebook, and mobile is no exception. Simon Stewart, Software Engineer at Facebook, talks through the various tools the company uses and continues to launch to share with the community. Watch video...

Michael BolinSoftware engineering at Facebook

How Facebook Builds Facebook for Android - Mobile DevCon 2013

Posted about 5 years ago
video · Mobile · Android · Open Source

Facebook for Android is one of the most downloaded Android apps of all time. Michael Bolin covers the challenges we had scaling our Java codebase, and the custom tools like Buck that we had to build to make it possible. Watch video...

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