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Ime ArchibongPartnerships at Facebook

F8 2018 registration now open

Posted about 2 months ago

Register today for F8, Facebook's annual developer conference, held May 1 & 2 in San Jose, CA. Read more...

David MortensonEngineering

2017 Year in review: Building immersive experiences

Posted about 4 months ago

Looking back at the new technologies and advancements from Facebook engineering in 2017. Read more...

SLAM: Bringing art to life through technology

Posted about 7 months ago

AR uses technology to virtually change how you see the world around you. Facebook is doing this now through a camera app on your phone. Read more...

Using AI for new visual storytelling techniques in VR

Posted about 9 months ago

Facebook's style transfer technique was adapted to VR for the first time, demonstrating that AI can be used as a creative tool for filmmakers. Read more...

Lauren RuganiTechnology Communications at Facebook

Facebook's new tech at F8 2017

Posted about a year ago

Day two of F8 2017 was packed with announcements about Facebook's big technology bets across connectivity, video and virtual reality, and AI. Read more...

Announcing 360 Capture SDK

Posted about a year ago

We've created an easy way for you to capture and share your PC VR experiences through 360 photos and videos. Read more...

Enhancing high-resolution 360 streaming with view prediction

Posted about a year ago

We gave our system the ability to intuit the most interesting parts of a video, to help prioritize where to concentrate the pixels in a stream. Read more...

Andrew ImmSoftware Engineer at Facebook

Building virtual reality experiences on the web with React VR

Posted about a year ago

Expanding on the declarative programming style of React and React Native, React VR lets anyone with an understanding of JavaScript rapidly build and deploy VR experiences using standard web tools. Read more...

Hans FugalEngineering

Video @Scale 2017 recap

Posted about a year ago
blog post · @Scale · Video · Virtual Reality

Topics included innovation in live streaming, understanding VR video, spatial audio technology, building a cloud-native Video API, and new codec profiles. Read more...

Evgeny KuzyakovVirtual Reality Hacker at Facebook

End-to-end optimizations for dynamic streaming

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Infra · Video · Virtual Reality · @Scale

From new geometries to being more selective in stream choice, we were able to decrease bit rates by up to 92% in some cases and decrease interruptions by more than 80% when streaming 360 video. Read more...

Spatial audio — bringing realistic sound to 360 video

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Video · Virtual Reality · @Scale

Facebook's new cross-platform 360 audio encoding and rendering technology enables creators to maintain high-quality spatial audio from production to publication. Read more...

Register now for F8 2017!

Posted about a year ago

Apply now for a spot at Facebook's annual developer conference. Read more...

Michael BoothProduct Manager, Social VR at Facebook

Lessons from building social experiences in VR

Posted about 2 years ago

Social VR explores expressive and interactive ways to see your friends, go anywhere and do anything together, and share your experiences with others. Read more...

Evgeny KuzyakovVirtual Reality Hacker at Facebook

Gear VR to get Dynamic Streaming for 360 video

Posted about 2 years ago

A more efficient way of delivering 360 streaming video in VR will make videos look clearer and play faster. Read more...

Next-generation video encoding techniques for 360 video and VR

Posted about 2 years ago

Transforming 360 video from equirectangular layouts to a cube or pyramid format reduces file size and alleviates image distortion for a better immersive viewing experience. Read more...

Erin GreenEngineering

Oculus scientist wins computer vision award

Posted about 3 years ago

The team behind DynamicFusion, including Oculus scientist Richard A. Newcombe, won the Best Paper Award at CVPR. Their paper details their system for real-time 3-D renderings. Read more...

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