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David MortensonEngineering

2017 Year in review: Software across the stack

Posted about a month ago

Looking back at the technologies and advancements from Facebook engineering in 2017. Read more...

Finding inter-procedural bugs at scale with Infer static analyzer

Posted about 5 months ago
blog post · Open Source · Tooling · Development Tools · Testing · Backend · Android · iOS · C++ · Java

Inter-procedural analysis can be deployed to large and rapidly changing codebases that consist of millions of lines of code and undergo thousands of modifications per day. Read more...

Chuck RossiDirector of Engineering at Facebook

Rapid release at massive scale

Posted about 5 months ago
blog post · Infra · Web · @Scale · Backend · Development Tools · Tooling

This year Facebook moved to a quasi-continuous push system, delivering tens to hundreds of code changes to the website every few hours. Read more...

FCR: Open source command runner for network devices

Posted about 5 months ago

FCR allows applications to connect and run commands on thousands of network devices. Read more...

Dev Tools @Scale 2017 Recap

Posted about 8 months ago
blog post · Infra · Web · Mobile · @Scale · Development Tools · Tooling · Testing · Backend

More than 200 engineers gathered to discuss challenges with software development at scale, from source control and code quality to build and testing. Read more...

Managing resources for large-scale testing

Posted about 8 months ago
blog post · Web · Android · iOS · Backend · Development Tools · Tooling · Testing · Performance

With a single API, engineers at Facebook can interact with thousands of mobile devices, browsers, and emulators in our data centers to test new code before it ships. Read more...

Jupiter: A high-performance job-matching service

Posted about 8 months ago
blog post · Infra · Backend · Development Tools · Tooling · C++

The automated system matches backend jobs to the machines best equipped to handle them in a matter of milliseconds. Read more...

Junyi Luke LuEngineering at Facebook

OnlineSchemaChange rebuilt in Python

Posted about 9 months ago
blog post · Production Engineering · Open Source · MySQL · Python · Tooling · Testing

The new version of OnlineSchemaChange is written in Python and has a more flexible architecture. Read more...

Announcing 360 Capture SDK

Posted about 9 months ago

We've created an easy way for you to capture and share your PC VR experiences through 360 photos and videos. Read more...

Adam WolffEngineering at Facebook

Facebook open source at F8 2017

Posted about 9 months ago
blog post · Web · Mobile · Front End · Open Source · JavaScript · Framework · Development Tools · Tooling

We announced several new open source projects today that improve app experiences for both users and engineers. Read more...

Sriram SankarEngineering at Facebook

Hardware Analytics and Lifecycle Optimization (HALO) at Facebook

Posted about 10 months ago

Having an array of real-time infrastructure data at our fingertips helps Facebook maintain hardware health at a global scale. Read more...

Facebook Open Source 2016 year in review

Posted about a year ago

Over the past few years, Facebook's Open Source program has grown into one of the largest and most active portfolios in the industry. Read more...

Brett LavallaWebmaster at Facebook

Android accessibility debugging with Stetho

Posted about a year ago

The open source debugging tool now includes an Accessibility Properties section that improves app compatibility with focus navigation. Read more...

Yarn: A new package manager for JavaScript

Posted about a year ago

With Yarn, engineers have access to the npm registry while operating faster, more securely, and more reliably. Read more...

Bryan O'SullivanEngineering at Facebook

Peter O'Hearn elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Mobile · Tooling · Testing · Academics

O'Hearn's work on separation logic underpins Facebook's open source static analyzer Infer. Read more...

Lauren RuganiTechnology Communications at Facebook

Highlights from @Scale 2016

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Data · Mobile · @Scale · Tooling · Video · Open Source · Artificial Intelligence

Engineers representing hundreds of companies gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities of building apps and systems at scale. Read more...

Lauren RuganiTechnology Communications at Facebook

Facebook announces new tech at @Scale 2016

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Data · Mobile · @Scale · Video · Tooling · Performance

New data storage technologies, 360 video improvements, and performance tools were revealed throughout the day. Read more...

BrowserLab: Automated regression detection for the web

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Web · Performance · Tooling · Testing

The system automatically analyzes the performance of every code change, catching regressions as small as 20 ms to ensure that the site loads quickly. Read more...

Antoine ReversatEngineering

The mobile device lab at the Prineville data center

Posted about 2 years ago

The custom-built rack lets engineers run tests on thousands of phones to understand the performance implications of a code change. Read more...

Romain KomornEngineering

Making Facebook self-healing: Automating proactive rack maintenance

Posted about 2 years ago

Aggregate Maintenance Handlers provide a way to safely automate maintenance on multiple servers at once. Read more...

Ryan MackEngineering

Security @Scale 2015: Engineering Security

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Infra · @Scale · Security · Data Science · Tooling · Hacking

More than 250 engineers gathered in Boston to share how they're building tools to address some of the most challenging engineering issues within security. Read more...

Reducing FOOMs in the Facebook iOS app

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Mobile · iOS · Performance · User Experience · Tooling

OOMs occur when the system runs low on memory and the OS kills the app to reclaim memory. Read more...

Zheng MiEngineering Manager at Facebook

Mobile performance: Tooling infrastructure at Facebook

Posted about 3 years ago

We built a performance monitoring and prediction platform to help us understand the performance implications of a code change and ultimately decrease the number of regressions engineers have to deal with. Read more...

David GarciaEngineering

Building a faster Messenger

Posted about 4 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Android · Platform · iOS · Messages · Performance · Tooling · Testing

A little over two years ago we launched Messenger to give people passionate about messaging a simpler and faster way to communicate with their friends. As features have been well received by our Messenger users we've brought them over to our core Facebook apps. As a result, the Messenger and messaging experience across Facebook became very similar. Read more...

Michael BolinSoftware engineering at Facebook

Buck: How we build Android apps at Facebook

Posted about 5 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Android · Tooling · Open Source · Platform

During my first Facebook hackathon in July 2012, I decided to create a new build system for Android that would address our needs. My primary objective was to create a build tool that favored the creation of many small modules rather than a handful of large modules. I hypothesized that once we had clear, fine-grained dependencies, we would be able to dig into the issue of slow build times. Read more...

Carlos BuenoFixer at Facebook

Meet a Facebook Engineer: Carlos Bueno

Posted about 6 years ago
blog post · Culture · Performance · Optimization · Analytics · Tooling

At Facebook, our engineers collaborate to create an open environment where ideas win and are executed quickly. Beginning this week, our engineers will give you a look into what it's like to ideate and build at Facebook in our new "Meet a Facebook Engineer" Q&A series. Check back every week to hear from different engineers about what problems they're passionate about solving right now, what they're up to at Facebook and what advice they have for you. Read more...

Michael NovatiSoftware engineer at Facebook

Internal Company Dashboard

Posted about 8 years ago
blog post · Culture · Web · User Experience · Tooling

At Facebook, employee communication and productivity are fundamental to maintaining a fast growing and valuable business. Facebook's mission is to make the world more open and connected, and we are taking the same approach with how our employees interact, share and collaborate together. Traditionally, larger companies aren't really that open and transparent on the inside, as not everyone knows why decisions are made or has the ability to freely discuss decisions outside the scope of their responsibility. There is a lot of room for innovation in employee communication and this has become a hot space for new ideas and products. At Facebook, we're learning a lot of lessons about which useful end-user social products work for employees and which don't. We've learned that effective enterprise communication tools need to be engineered specifically for our employees because our employee base and business needs are very unique. On the internal tools productivity and communication team, we try to build libraries and abstractions that promote openness and we simultaneously build tools on top of them. A specific product I've developed at Facebook is our internal dashboards framework. A problem we have at Facebook is that there are so many requests for custom internal tools (from engineers and non-engineers alike) that our internal tools engineers have trouble keeping up. Read more...

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