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Sapienz: Intelligent automated software testing at scale

Posted about 2 months ago

Sapienz technology, which grew out of decades of work by the software engineering research community, leverages automated test design to make the testing process faster, more comprehensive, and more effective. Read more...

Yu LiuSoftware Engineer at Facebook

AV1 beats x264 and libvpx-vp9 in practical use case

Posted about 2 months ago
blog post · Data · Video · Open Source · Testing

A performance test of AV1, a new open, royalty-free video format, finds it surpasses its stated goal of 30% better compression in common real-world use cases. Read more...

Marty GreeniaSoftware engineer at Facebook

Performance @Scale 2018 recap

Posted about 3 months ago

Topics included anomaly detection, scaling web services, and speeding up mobile apps. Read more...

Peter KnowlesEngineering

How production engineers support global events on Facebook

Posted about 4 months ago
blog post · Infra · Production Engineering · Backend · Testing

The Production Engineering team at Facebook carefully plans and builds infrastructure to ensure service uptime and reliability. Read more...

David MortensonEngineering

2017 Year in review: Software across the stack

Posted about 6 months ago

Looking back at the technologies and advancements from Facebook engineering in 2017. Read more...

Open-sourcing RacerD: Fast static race detection at scale

Posted about 8 months ago
blog post · Mobile · Open Source · Development Tools · Java · Android · Testing

RacerD is now open source as a tool on top of our Infer static analysis platform. Read more...

Multithreaded rendering on Android with Litho and Infer

Posted about 9 months ago

Bringing together two Facebook open source projects proved capable of successfully and reliably executing multithreaded rendering on Android. Read more...

Finding inter-procedural bugs at scale with Infer static analyzer

Posted about 10 months ago
blog post · Open Source · Tooling · Development Tools · Testing · Backend · Android · iOS · C++ · Java

Inter-procedural analysis can be deployed to large and rapidly changing codebases that consist of millions of lines of code and undergo thousands of modifications per day. Read more...

Dev Tools @Scale 2017 Recap

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Infra · Web · Mobile · @Scale · Development Tools · Tooling · Testing · Backend

More than 200 engineers gathered to discuss challenges with software development at scale, from source control and code quality to build and testing. Read more...

Managing resources for large-scale testing

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Web · Android · iOS · Backend · Development Tools · Tooling · Testing · Performance

With a single API, engineers at Facebook can interact with thousands of mobile devices, browsers, and emulators in our data centers to test new code before it ships. Read more...

AL: A new declarative language for detecting bugs with Infer

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Mobile · Testing · Development Tools · C · C++ · Open Source · Languages

AL is a simple, declarative language for reasoning about abstract syntax trees, and it's easy, quick, and interactive. Read more...

Junyi Luke LuEngineering at Facebook

OnlineSchemaChange rebuilt in Python

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Production Engineering · Open Source · MySQL · Python · Tooling · Testing

The new version of OnlineSchemaChange is written in Python and has a more flexible architecture. Read more...

Sriram SankarEngineering at Facebook

Hardware Analytics and Lifecycle Optimization (HALO) at Facebook

Posted about a year ago

Having an array of real-time infrastructure data at our fingertips helps Facebook maintain hardware health at a global scale. Read more...

Michael LiberteEngineering at Facebook

The software ecosystem for storage hardware

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Hardware · Storage · Testing · Open Compute

Facebook's new Disaggregate Lab has been working with vendors to validate software solutions on open storage hardware. Read more...

Bryan O'SullivanEngineering at Facebook

Peter O'Hearn elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Tooling · Testing · Academics

O'Hearn's work on separation logic underpins Facebook's open source static analyzer Infer. Read more...

BrowserLab: Automated regression detection for the web

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Web · Performance · Tooling · Testing

The system automatically analyzes the performance of every code change, catching regressions as small as 20 ms to ensure that the site loads quickly. Read more...

Michael LiberteEngineering at Facebook

Facebook opens lab to others to validate infrastructure software

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Open Compute · Hardware · Testing

The new space was designed for vendors to test their software solutions on OCP contributed hardware. Read more...

Antoine ReversatEngineering

The mobile device lab at the Prineville data center

Posted about 2 years ago

The custom-built rack lets engineers run tests on thousands of phones to understand the performance implications of a code change. Read more...

Udi CohenEngineering at Facebook

Memory optimization for feeds on Android

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Android · Performance · Testing · News Feed

Creating an optimized data structure led to a reduction in allocations and an overall improvement in memory efficiency. Read more...

Daniel BauligFront End Engineer at Facebook

Why we chose to move to HTML5 video

Posted about 3 years ago

Moving to HTML5 best enables us to continue to innovate quickly and at scale, given Facebook’s large size and complex needs. Read more...

Natansh VermaSoftware engineer at Facebook

Optimizing Facebook for iOS start time

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Infra · iOS · Optimization · Performance · Testing

We broke the cold start problem into three stages that we could focus on individually. Each had its own set of variables and challenges. Read more...

Omar BaldonadoEngineering at Facebook

Milestones and plans for the OCP Networking Project

Posted about 3 years ago

OCP has made great strides in three priority areas: networking hardware, networking software, and testing. Read more...

Chris MarraProduct manager at Facebook

Building for emerging markets: The story behind 2G Tuesdays

Posted about 3 years ago

Giving employees a seamless way to empathize with the people using Facebook on a 2G network. Read more...

Delyan KratunovEngineering

Performance instrumentation for Android apps

Posted about 3 years ago

Bytecode rewriting has allowed us to scale up our performance instrumentation, providing unique insights into the execution at runtime. Read more...

Erin GreenEngineering

F8: Big technology bets and open source announcements

Posted about 3 years ago

The second day of F8 — Facebook's annual developer conference — was dedicated to the future of communications technology. Read more...

Dain SundstromEngineering

Even faster: Data at the speed of Presto ORC

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Data · Backend · Open Source · Analytics · Performance · Testing

The Presto ORC reader is available in open source, and it's being used at Facebook, showing good results. Read more...

Adam ErnstiOS Developer at Facebook

Making News Feed nearly 50% faster on iOS

Posted about 4 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Data · iOS · News Feed · User Experience · Optimization · Performance · Framework · Caching · Storage · Testingmore

We realized that while Core Data had served us well in the beginning, we needed to go without some of its features to accommodate our scale. We set about replacing it with our own solution, resulting in News Feed performing nearly 50% faster on iOS. Read more...

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