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Jerome PesentiArtificial Intelligence at Facebook

AI at F8 2018: Open frameworks and responsible development

Posted about 2 months ago

On Day 2 of F8 — Facebook's annual developer's conference — we detailed the company's approach to advancing AI through our open development frameworks and collaborative relationship with the wider AI community. We also unveiled cutting-edge research in computer vision, natural language understanding, and reinforcement learning, and shared our commitment to the ethical development and deployment of AI. Read more...

Under the hood: Multilingual embeddings

Posted about 5 months ago

Multilingual embeddings help us scale to more languages, ship AI-powered products to new languages faster, and ultimately give people a better Facebook experience. Read more...

David MortensonEngineering

2017 Year in review: Building immersive experiences

Posted about 6 months ago

Looking back at the new technologies and advancements from Facebook engineering in 2017. Read more...

Matt UyttendaeleResearch Scientist at Facebook

Optimizing 360 photos at scale

Posted about 10 months ago
blog post · Photos · @Scale · Artificial Intelligence · Research · Storage

Trained deep neural nets can automatically reorient tilted 360 photos, which could help bring more realistic immersive experiences directly to people's phones. Read more...

Transitioning entirely to neural machine translation

Posted about 11 months ago

More than 4.5 billion translations every day are now powered by neural networks, which provide better accuracy and fluency than previous models. Read more...

Using AI for new visual storytelling techniques in VR

Posted about 11 months ago

Facebook's style transfer technique was adapted to VR for the first time, demonstrating that AI can be used as a creative tool for filmmakers. Read more...

Yuandong TianResearch Scientist at Facebook

Introducing ELF: An extensive, lightweight and flexible platform for game research

Posted about 12 months ago

ELF allows researchers to test their algorithms in various game environments, speeding up training times by nearly 30 percent. Read more...

Deal or no deal? Training AI bots to negotiate

Posted about a year ago

FAIR researchers have demonstrated that dialog agents with differing goals can negotiate with other bots or people and reach mutual decisions. Read more...

Lauren RuganiTechnology Communications at Facebook

Accelerating machine learning for computer vision

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Data · Artificial Intelligence · @Scale · Research

Facebook researchers speed up machine learning training on large-scale data sets with its open source hardware and software. Read more...

Under the hood: Photo Search

Posted about a year ago

Facebook’s Photo Search team applied machine learning techniques to better understand what’s in an image as well as improve the search and retrieval process. Read more...

ParlAI: A new software platform for dialog research

Posted about a year ago

ParlAI is a one-stop shop for dialog research, where researchers can submit new tasks and training algorithms to a single, shared repository. Read more...

A novel approach to neural machine translation

Posted about a year ago

FAIR's convolutional neural network approach for language translation achieves state-of-the-art accuracy at 9x the speed of recurrent neural systems. Read more...

Expanded fastText library now fits on smaller-memory devices

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Artificial Intelligence · Research · C++

fastText now has 294 languages and fits on smartphones and small computers like Raspberry Pi. Read more...

Yael MaguireEngineering

Connectivity: A building block approach

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Infra · Connectivity · Research · Hardware

We're focused on developing next-generation technologies for specific use cases and working with partners to create flexible and extensible networks. Read more...

Faiss: A library for efficient similarity search

Posted about a year ago

Vector representation allows for fast, large-scale image searches where traditional key/value queries fall short. Read more...

Reviewing Aquila's first full-scale test flight

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Infra · Connectivity · Research

Facebook is designing and building second-generation aircraft based on its learnings. Read more...

Abhishek TiwariEngineering

Facebook demonstrates record-breaking data rate using millimeter-wave technology

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Connectivity · Research

We’ve demonstrated a record data rate of nearly 20 Gbps over 13 km with MMW technology, the equivalent of streaming almost 1,000 ultra-high-definition videos at the same time. Read more...

Mike SchroepferChief technology officer at Facebook

Accelerating innovation and powering new experiences with AI

Posted about 2 years ago

Research and engineering in connectivity, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence will help us make progress toward opening the world to everyone. Read more...

Delivering real-time AI in the palm of your hand

Posted about 2 years ago

Caffe2go is a new deep learning platform that can — for the first time — capture, analyze, and process pixels in real time, directly on a mobile device. Read more...

Building an efficient neural language model over a billion words

Posted about 2 years ago

Facebook AI Research (FAIR) releases a library for recurrent neural networks as well as a novel softmax function approximation tailored for GPUs. Read more...

Michael BoothProduct Manager, Social VR at Facebook

Lessons from building social experiences in VR

Posted about 2 years ago

Social VR explores expressive and interactive ways to see your friends, go anywhere and do anything together, and share your experiences with others. Read more...

Johannes KopfEngineering

360 video stabilization: A new algorithm for smoother 360 video viewing

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Research · Video · Performance · Optimization

The technology, custom-built for 360 video, reduces bit rate for the same video quality and can stabilize video in less time than it takes to play back the video at normal speed. Read more...

Piotr DollarResearch Scientist at Facebook

Segmenting and refining images with SharpMask

Posted about 2 years ago

New detection technologies will move us toward a more precise understanding of images. Read more...

Robotron: Top-down network management at scale

Posted about 2 years ago

The system's top-down approach translates human intentions into a set of distributed, heterogeneous configurations to manage Facebook's global network. Read more...

FAIR open-sources fastText

Posted about 2 years ago

The new open source fastText library quickly builds state-of-the-art text classifiers that scale to billions of words. Read more...

Inside Facebook's hardware labs: Moving faster with more collaboration

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Infra · Hardware · Research

The state-of-the-art, 22,000-square-foot lab enables faster modeling, prototyping, and failure analysis in-house and better collaboration among teams. Read more...

Harnessing light for wireless communications

Posted about 2 years ago

This new optical detector could simplify the technology behind free-space laser communication, paving the way for low-cost connectivity in unconnected areas. Read more...

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