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Mike ArpaiaEngineering

Embracing open source security

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Security · Open Source · Framework · Platform

Osquery: Approaching security the hacker way.

How RocksDB is used in osquery

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Infra · Data · Backend · Security · Framework · Analytics · Storage · Open Source

Using RocksDB as osquery's embedded database allows osquery to store and access data in a fast, persistent way, enabling our team to solve some technical problems we'll detail in this blog. Read more...

Erin GreenEngineering

HHVM adoption news

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Web · Infra · Backend · PHP · HipHop · Hack · Open Source · Performance · Data Centers

Box and other well-known companies have adopted HHVM. The results have been great, including improvements in CPU efficiency and speed. Here's a little bit about how each company has experienced the transition, in the words of the engineers involved. Read more...

James PearceEngineering at Facebook

Updating Our Open Source Patent Grant

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Open Source

At Facebook, we strive to open source innovative, world-class software. These are the same technologies that we ourselves use in production, and we strive to ensure that developers feel comfortable about their quality. But we also know that there are other things people look at when choosing to use or build on open source software projects, such as their licenses and terms of use. Read more...

Erin GreenEngineering

F8: Big technology bets and open source announcements

Posted about 3 years ago

The second day of F8 — Facebook's annual developer conference — was dedicated to the future of communications technology. Read more...

Tyrone NicholasSoftware engineer at Facebook

Introducing Fresco: A new image library for Android

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Infra · Android · Open Source · Photos · Performance · Storage · Java · Development Tools

Today we're open-sourcing a library we're calling Fresco — it manages images and the memory they use. Read more...

Classes: Performance and network segmentation on Android

Posted about 3 years ago

Today we're happy to open-source Year Class and Connection Class, which help developers smartly segment based on device and network performance in real time. Read more...

Introducing ComponentKit: Functional and declarative UI on iOS

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Data · iOS · Open Source · Performance · News Feed · Development Tools · Design Tools

We're open-sourcing ComponentKit, a native iOS library for functional and declarative UI. It is inspired by React and is used in News Feed in the Facebook iOS app. Read more...

Augmented Traffic Control: A tool to simulate network conditions

Posted about 3 years ago

Today we are open-sourcing our design for Augmented Traffic Control on GitHub. Read more...

Dain SundstromEngineering

Even faster: Data at the speed of Presto ORC

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Data · Backend · Open Source · Analytics · Performance · Testing

The Presto ORC reader is available in open source, and it's being used at Facebook, showing good results. Read more...

Hu LiEngineering

Introducing "Yosemite": the first open source modular chassis for high-powered microservers

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Infra · Data · Performance · Open Compute · Open Source · Compute · Data Centers · Hardware

To provide our infrastructure with capacity that scales out with the demand, we designed a modular chassis that contains high-powered system-on-a-chip (SoC) processor cards, code-named “Yosemite.” Today, we're proposing the Yosemite design as a contribution to the Open Compute Project. Read more...

Adam SimpkinsEngineering

Facebook Open Switching System ("FBOSS") and Wedge in the open

Posted about 3 years ago

Today we are releasing our Facebook Open Switching System (FBOSS) project on GitHub and contributing the specification for the Wedge top-of-rack switch to the OCP networking project. Read more...

Tian FangEngineering

Introducing “OpenBMC”: an open software framework for next-generation system management

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Culture · Framework · Open Compute · Open Source · Hacking

Recently, we found the Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) software stack too closed to meet our needs, so we built our own version, which we're open-sourcing today. Read more...

Josh GuilfoyleEngineering

Stetho: A new debugging platform for Android

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Open Source · Android

Stetho: A new debugging platform for Android.

Soumith ChintalaArtificial Intelligence Research Engineer at Facebook

FAIR open sources deep-learning modules for Torch

Posted about 3 years ago

The modules are significantly faster than the default ones in Torch and have accelerated research projects by allowing users to train larger neural nets in less time. Read more...

Steaphan GreeneEngineering

Alibaba joins WebScaleSQL

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Open Source · MySQL

Alibaba joins WebScaleSQL.

Erin GreenEngineering

Inside Wikipedia's transition to HHVM

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Infra · Web · Backend · Open Source · Performance · Optimization · User Experience · Caching · PHP · HipHopmore

Inside Wikipedia's transition to HHVM.

James PearceEngineering at Facebook

12 Days of Open Source

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Infra · Open Source · PHP

12 Days of Open Source: a review of 2014 Open Source stats and fun facts. Read more...

Flow, a new static type checker for JavaScript

Posted about 3 years ago

Introducing Flow, a new open-source static type checker for JavaScript. Flow adds static typing to JavaScript to improve developer productivity and code quality. Read more...

Announcing the Hack Transpiler

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Infra · Hack · Languages · PHP · Open Source

Today, we're proud to announce a first, experimental release of h2tp, or the “HH (Hack) Transpiler,” a tool which allows projects that have converted from PHP to Hack to still make releases that target the PHP language. Read more...

Introducing Proxygen, Facebook's C++ HTTP framework

Posted about 3 years ago

We are excited to announce the release of Proxygen, a collection of C++ HTTP libraries, including an easy-to-use HTTP server. In addition to HTTP/1.1, Proxygen (rhymes with “oxygen”) supports SPDY/3 and SPDY/3.1. We are also iterating and developing support for HTTP/2. Read more...

Mike ArpaiaEngineering

Introducing osquery

Posted about 3 years ago

Maintaining real-time insight into the current state of your infrastructure is important. At Facebook, we've been working on a framework called osquery which attempts to approach the concept of low-level operating system monitoring a little differently. Read more...

Introducing AsyncDisplayKit: For smooth and responsive apps on iOS

Posted about 3 years ago

AsyncDisplayKit is an iOS framework that keeps even the most complex user interfaces smooth and responsive. Read more...

Tom OcchinoSoftware engineer at Facebook

@Scale 2014: Recap of Web Track

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Infra · Web · @Scale · Open Source · Front End

Facebook started the @Scale conference series as a forum for engineers to share how they solve problems in the real world. It's since evolved and grown to become a community that collaborates in the open in order to innovate further, faster, and more effectively. We saw this firsthand during the web track sessions of @Scale, where companies at all stages of growth — Wikimedia, Twitter, Khan Academy, Google, and Netflix — are pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible in web development. For many of these teams, they're also contributing those technologies back to the open source community, ensuring that others can learn and benefit from these lessons. Read more...

Phil DibowitzProduction Engineer at Facebook

Facebook, configuration management, community, and open source

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Infra · Data · Open Source · Production Engineering

Last year we began speaking at conferences around the world about our approach to managing hundreds of thousands of servers. We had outgrown our existing system and needed something new. We wanted a system that would let any engineer make any change they needed to any systems they owned via simple data-driven APIs while also scaling to Facebook's huge infrastructure, and while also minimizing the size of the team that would have to own the system. We designed a new paradigm and built a framework to bring it to life. At the core of that framework is Chef — but the way we ended up using Chef is pretty unique. We wanted to share how and why we made those choices and the benefits they brought us. Read more...

Lessons from Deploying MySQL GTID at Scale

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Data · MySQL · Production Engineering · Open Source

Global Transaction ID (GTID) is one of the most compelling new features of MySQL 5.6. It provides major benefits in failover, point-in-time backup recovery, and hierarchical replication, and it's a prerequisite for crash-safe multi-threaded replication. Over the course of the last few months, we enabled GTID on every production MySQL instance at Facebook. In the process, we learned a great deal about deployment and operational use of the feature. We plan to open source many of our server-side fixes via WebScaleSQL, as we believe others in the scale community can learn from this and benefit from the work we've done. Read more...

James PearceEngineering at Facebook

Introducing TODO: Working together to make open source easier

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Web · Data · Mobile · Infra · @Scale · Open Source

Today at @Scale 2014 we joined a number of other companies in launching a new open source collaboration called TODO. The group — whose name is a backronym for “talk openly, develop openly” — was formed to address the challenges that companies like ours have encountered in consuming open source software and running open source programs. Read more...

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