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Facebook Open Source 2016 year in review

Posted about 12 months ago

Over the past few years, Facebook's Open Source program has grown into one of the largest and most active portfolios in the industry. Read more...

Emil SjölanderSoftware engineer at Facebook

Yoga: A cross-platform layout engine

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Mobile · Web · Open Source · Front End · iOS · Android · Design Tools · C

The open-source layout engine allows product engineers to build layouts quickly for multiple platforms. Read more...

Mark PengEngineering Manager at Facebook

Keyframes: Delivering scalable, high-quality animations to mobile clients

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Mobile · iOS · Android · Open Source · Front End · User Experience · Design Tools · JavaScript

The open source library is able to export and play back high-quality, lightweight animations, such as the ones seen in Facebook Reactions. Read more...

Tobias TieckeEngineering at Facebook

Open population datasets and open challenges

Posted about a year ago

Sharing data about how people are aggregated around the world can help solve challenges such as connectivity, infrastructure planning, humanitarian aid, and disaster response. Read more...

Introducing Community Cellular Manager: A management and deployment suite for small-scale cellular networks

Posted about a year ago

CCM is designed for reliable operation in environments with unreliable power and backhaul, providing fully disconnected operation for local voice and SMS services. Read more...

An open approach for switching, routing, and transport

Posted about a year ago

Facebook used Open Packet DWDM — a packet transponder and open line transport system with open optical specifications — to develop a new transponder platform called Voyager. Read more...

Brett LavallaWebmaster at Facebook

Android accessibility debugging with Stetho

Posted about a year ago

The open source debugging tool now includes an Accessibility Properties section that improves app compatibility with focus navigation. Read more...

Yarn: A new package manager for JavaScript

Posted about a year ago

With Yarn, engineers have access to the npm registry while operating faster, more securely, and more reliably. Read more...

Christopher ChedeauFront End Engineer at Facebook

React reaches 50,000 stars

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Open Source

The open source JavaScript library becomes the first Facebook project to hit the milestone. Read more...

Guilherme OttoniSoftware engineer at Facebook

Redesigning the HHVM JIT compiler for better performance

Posted about a year ago

The redesign of the HHVM JIT has improved the CPU usage for running Facebook by about 15 percent. Read more...

Angelo FaillaEngineering

DHCPLB: An open source load balancer

Posted about a year ago

From hackathon prototype to internship project, the new load balancer is now deployed across Facebook's server fleet to manage DHCP traffic. Read more...

Lauren RuganiTechnology Communications at Facebook

Highlights from @Scale 2016

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Data · Mobile · @Scale · Tooling · Video · Open Source · Artificial Intelligence

Engineers representing hundreds of companies gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities of building apps and systems at scale. Read more...

Apache Spark @Scale: A 60 TB+ production use case

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Data · Infra · Data Infrastructure · Analytics · Backend · Open Source

Through a series of performance and reliability improvements, we were able to scale Spark to handle a TB-scale entity ranking system in production. Read more...

Forrest BriggsEngineer at Facebook

Surround 360 is now open source

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Open Source · Hardware · Video

The hardware camera design and software stitching code makes end-to-end 3D-360 video capture possible in one system — from shooting to video processing. Read more...

What's new in Facebook open source

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Open Source

We've open-sourced more than 50 projects this year and are working to build communities around our projects to ensure they grow and thrive. Read more...

Kashif AliEngineer at Facebook

Introducing OpenCellular: An open source wireless access platform

Posted about a year ago

The platform can be configured as a network-in-a-box or cellular access point and supports wireless network standards from 2G to LTE. Read more...

Lighting the way to deep machine learning

Posted about a year ago

Open source Torchnet helps researchers and developers build rapid and reusable prototypes of learning systems in Torch. Read more...

Brian K CabralDirector of Engineering at Facebook

Introducing "Here and Now" — a new short film shot with Facebook Surround 360

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Culture · Video · Open Source · Hardware

The short film showcases the potential of 3D-360 video for telling rich stories, sharing realistic experiences, and connecting people with one another. Read more...

Fred EmmottSoftware engineer at Facebook

Automatically push commits to GitHub with FBShipIt

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Open Source · Development Tools · Backend

We're open-sourcing a tool we developed internally to help manage our projects on GitHub. Read more...

James SedgwickSoftware engineer at Facebook

Wangle — an asynchronous C++ networking and RPC library

Posted about 2 years ago

Wangle is a C++ library for building protocols, servers, and clients in an asynchronous, clean, composable, and scalable manner. Read more...

Phil DibowitzProduction Engineer at Facebook

Facebook Chef cookbooks

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Infra · Data · Open Source · Production Engineering

This suite of cookbooks — along with a sample 'init' cookbook — will allow anyone who wants to use our model of Chef in their own environment to get started easily and quickly. Read more...

Grzegorz PstruchaSoftware engineer at Facebook

Automatic memory leak detection on iOS

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Mobile · iOS · Open Source


Martin KonicekEngineering

React Native: A year in review

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Open Source · iOS · Android

After just one year in the open source community, React Native has changed the way developers build on every major platform. Read more...

Bert MaherEngineering

Open-sourcing ReDex: Making Android apps smaller and faster

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Open Source · Android · Performance

Optimizations to reduce the size of the bytecode and optimize its layout on disk helped achieve up to 30 percent faster startup times. Read more...

Dive into React Native performance

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Open Source · Performance · Optimization · Android · iOS

We implemented several performance optimizations over the past year to make React Native app startup twice as fast. Read more...

Ryan MackEngineering

Facebook open sources rich text editor framework Draft.js

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Web · Open Source · JavaScript · Front End

The new framework makes rich text input more customizable and seamlessly integrates into React applications. Read more...

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