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David MortensonEngineering

2017 Year in review: Software across the stack

Posted about a month ago

Looking back at the technologies and advancements from Facebook engineering in 2017. Read more...

ONNX V1 released

Posted about a month ago

Facebook, AWS, and Microsoft have announced that the first version of ONNX is now production-ready. Read more...

Open/R: Open routing for modern networks

Posted about 2 months ago

The open source platform spans a wide variety of network domains and designs and enables rapid innovation in network functions. Read more...

Jonathan KeljoEngineering at Facebook

Rethinking Android app compilation with Buck

Posted about 2 months ago
blog post · Mobile · Open Source · Java · Development Tools · Android · Compilation

The newest updates to Buck range from incremental optimizations to a complete reimagining of Java compilation. Read more...

Mihaela OgrezeanuSoftware engineer at Facebook

Open-sourcing Sections: Declarative data handling for Litho lists

Posted about 3 months ago
blog post · Open Source · Android · Framework · Performance · Front End

Sections provides a simple API that connects datasets to UI rendering with Litho. Read more...

Open-sourcing RacerD: Fast static race detection at scale

Posted about 3 months ago
blog post · Mobile · Open Source · Development Tools · Java · Android · Testing

RacerD is now open source as a tool on top of our Infer static analysis platform. Read more...

Multithreaded rendering on Android with Litho and Infer

Posted about 4 months ago

Bringing together two Facebook open source projects proved capable of successfully and reliably executing multithreaded rendering on Android. Read more...

Sophie AlpertEngineering Manager at Facebook

React 16: A look inside an API-compatible rewrite of our frontend UI library

Posted about 4 months ago
blog post · Web · Open Source · Front End · JavaScript · Framework

React 16 is redesigned from the ground up to support asynchronous rendering without changing the public API. Read more...

Lee ByronMobile hacker at Facebook

Relicensing the GraphQL specification

Posted about 4 months ago
blog post · Mobile · Data · Open Source · Development Tools · JavaScript

we're relicensing the GraphQL specification under the Open Web Foundation Agreement (OWFa) v1.0. Read more...

Yoshinori MatsunobuDatabase Engineer at Facebook

Migrating a database from InnoDB to MyRocks

Posted about 4 months ago

Moving one of Facebook's main databases to MyRocks cut storage usage in half. Read more...

Announcing Yarn 1.0

Posted about 5 months ago
blog post · Web · Front End · Open Source · JavaScript · Development Tools

The Yarn JavaScript package manager is now used by 175,000 projects on GitHub and responsible for nearly 3 billion package downloads per month. Read more...

Finding inter-procedural bugs at scale with Infer static analyzer

Posted about 5 months ago
blog post · Open Source · Tooling · Development Tools · Testing · Backend · Android · iOS · C++ · Java

Inter-procedural analysis can be deployed to large and rapidly changing codebases that consist of millions of lines of code and undergo thousands of modifications per day. Read more...

FCR: Open source command runner for network devices

Posted about 5 months ago

FCR allows applications to connect and run commands on thousands of network devices. Read more...

Adam WolffEngineering at Facebook

Explaining React's license

Posted about 5 months ago
blog post · Open Source

We clarify the BSD + Patents license.

Transitioning entirely to neural machine translation

Posted about 6 months ago

More than 4.5 billion translations every day are now powered by neural networks, which provide better accuracy and fluency than previous models. Read more...

Nick McSpaddenEngineering at Facebook

Building open source tools for Adobe Creative Cloud updates

Posted about 6 months ago

Delivering enterprise tools across a large organization can be made simpler by taking an engineering approach to the challenge. Read more...

Yuandong TianResearch Scientist at Facebook

Introducing ELF: An extensive, lightweight and flexible platform for game research

Posted about 7 months ago

ELF allows researchers to test their algorithms in various game environments, speeding up training times by nearly 30 percent. Read more...

AL: A new declarative language for detecting bugs with Infer

Posted about 8 months ago
blog post · Mobile · Testing · Development Tools · C · C++ · Open Source · Languages

AL is a simple, declarative language for reasoning about abstract syntax trees, and it's easy, quick, and interactive. Read more...

Junyi Luke LuEngineering at Facebook

OnlineSchemaChange rebuilt in Python

Posted about 9 months ago
blog post · Production Engineering · Open Source · MySQL · Python · Tooling · Testing

The new version of OnlineSchemaChange is written in Python and has a more flexible architecture. Read more...

Adam WolffEngineering at Facebook

Facebook open source at F8 2017

Posted about 9 months ago
blog post · Web · Mobile · Front End · Open Source · JavaScript · Framework · Development Tools · Tooling

We announced several new open source projects today that improve app experiences for both users and engineers. Read more...

Open-sourcing Litho, a declarative UI framework for Android

Posted about 9 months ago
blog post · Mobile · Android · Framework · Development Tools · Open Source · Java · Front End

Litho lays out components ahead of time in a background thread, and renders incrementally to deliver best-in-class performance. Read more...

Relay Modern: Simpler, faster, more extensible

Posted about 9 months ago

The new version of Relay is designed from the ground up to be easier to use, more extensible, and optimized for mobile devices. Read more...

Andrew ImmSoftware Engineer at Facebook

Building virtual reality experiences on the web with React VR

Posted about 9 months ago

Expanding on the declarative programming style of React and React Native, React VR lets anyone with an understanding of JavaScript rapidly build and deploy VR experiences using standard web tools. Read more...

Faiss: A library for efficient similarity search

Posted about 10 months ago

Vector representation allows for fast, large-scale image searches where traditional key/value queries fall short. Read more...

Register now for F8 2017!

Posted about 12 months ago

Apply now for a spot at Facebook's annual developer conference. Read more...

Justin TellerEngineering

Beringei: A high-performance time series storage engine

Posted about 12 months ago

Beringei powers most of the performance and health monitoring at Facebook while enabling engineers and analysts to make decisions quickly with accurate, real-time data. Read more...

Roy ZhangEngineering

Favorite hacks of 2016

Posted about a year ago

Company hackathons spurred the development of several new products and tools in 2016. Read more...

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