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Eran TalEngineering

OCP Summit 2017 — Facebook news recap

Posted about a week ago

This year's announcements included an end-to-end server refresh, product updates, and new partner collaborations. Read more...

Designing 100G optical connections

Posted about 3 weeks ago

The single-mode optical transceiver enables Facebook's data centers to serve traffic at 100 Gb/s while keeping power consumption low and increasing efficiency. Read more...

Disaggregate: Networking recap

Posted about 2 months ago

Industry leaders in networking engineering share how disaggregating hardware and software fosters innovation. Read more...

Building Zero protocol for fast, secure mobile connections

Posted about 2 months ago
blog post · Mobile · Networking and Traffic · Security · Android · iOS · Performance

The protocol introduces several changes that help make mobile connections more efficient and secure. Read more...

The growing ecosystem around open networking hardware

Posted about 2 months ago

Several companies have developed solutions around Facebook's open networking technologies. Read more...

Glenn RivkeesProduction Engineer at Facebook

Legacy support on IPv6-only infra

Posted about 2 months ago

A series of changes to Facebook's load balancers allows IPv4 traffic to be served on its IPv6 data center infrastructure. Read more...

Roy ZhangEngineering

Favorite hacks of 2016

Posted about 3 months ago

Company hackathons spurred the development of several new products and tools in 2016. Read more...

Introducing Backpack: Our second-generation modular open switch

Posted about 5 months ago

Together with Wedge 100, Backpack brings us one step closer to the fully open 100G data center. Read more...

Introducing Community Cellular Manager: A management and deployment suite for small-scale cellular networks

Posted about 5 months ago

CCM is designed for reliable operation in environments with unreliable power and backhaul, providing fully disconnected operation for local voice and SMS services. Read more...

An open approach for switching, routing, and transport

Posted about 5 months ago

Facebook used Open Packet DWDM — a packet transponder and open line transport system with open optical specifications — to develop a new transponder platform called Voyager. Read more...

Ryan MackEngineering

Networking @Scale Boston

Posted about 5 months ago
blog post · @Scale · Networking and Traffic

Our third @Scale conference in Boston focused on the growing challenges engineers face scaling applications and services to millions and sometimes billions of people. Read more...

Wedge 100: More open and versatile than ever

Posted about 5 months ago

The specification for Facebook's second-generation top-of-rack switch has been accepted into the Open Compute Project. Read more...

Najam AhmadEngineering

Building one of the highest-capacity subsea cables in the Pacific

Posted about 6 months ago

Increased capacity, flexible traffic routes, and adaptable system equipment are all things we look for when we consider new projects. Read more...

Angelo FaillaEngineering

DHCPLB: An open source load balancer

Posted about 7 months ago

From hackathon prototype to internship project, the new load balancer is now deployed across Facebook's server fleet to manage DHCP traffic. Read more...

Robotron: Top-down network management at scale

Posted about 7 months ago

The system's top-down approach translates human intentions into a set of distributed, heterogeneous configurations to manage Facebook's global network. Read more...

Kashif AliEngineer at Facebook

Introducing OpenCellular: An open source wireless access platform

Posted about 9 months ago

The platform can be configured as a network-in-a-box or cellular access point and supports wireless network standards from 2G to LTE. Read more...

Omar BaldonadoEngineering at Facebook

Growing the Wedge/Wedge 100 community

Posted about 10 months ago

Starting late last year and into 2016, we've seen several groups and companies start to experiment and develop on top of Wedge. Read more...

Petr LapukhovNetwork Engineer at Facebook

Introducing Open/R — a new modular routing platform

Posted about 11 months ago
blog post · Infra · Networking and Traffic

The new software powers Terragraph, our multi-node wireless network that delivers high-speed internet connectivity in dense urban areas. Read more...

James SedgwickSoftware Engineer at Facebook

Wangle — an asynchronous C++ networking and RPC library

Posted about 11 months ago

Wangle is a C++ library for building protocols, servers, and clients in an asynchronous, clean, composable, and scalable manner. Read more...

Introducing Facebook's new terrestrial connectivity systems — Terragraph and Project ARIES

Posted about 12 months ago
blog post · Infra · Networking and Traffic · Research

Connectivity Lab's two new terrestrial systems are focused on improving the speed, efficiency, and quality of internet connectivity around the world. Read more...

Gautam RoySoftware Engineer at Facebook

How we built Facebook Lite for every Android phone and network

Posted about a year ago

FB Lite is the fastest-growing version of Facebook, 100 million users in under nine months. Read more...

Connectivity Lab custom-designs two-axis gimbal for air-to-air and air-to-ground laser communications

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Infra · Networking and Traffic · Research

We custom-designed a gimbal that is 2x lighter than the previous state of the art to be used onboard UAVs. The gimbal had to swivel, be lightweight, and be aerodynamically appropriate for the job. Read more...

Jason TaylorEngineering at Facebook

Adopting an open approach to global networks with the Telecom Infra Project

Posted about a year ago

As consumer demands for connectivity increase, the global telecom industry has an opportunity to take a fresh look at the engineering problems they present. Read more...

Connecting the world with better maps

Posted about a year ago

By applying computer vision techniques to satellite imagery, we can identify how populations are distributed in remote locations and determine the best way to provide connectivity in those areas. Read more...

NetNORAD: Troubleshooting networks via end-to-end probing

Posted about a year ago

NetNORAD troubleshoots issues independently of device polling to help keep Facebook's massive networking infrastructure up and running. Read more...

Under the hood: Broadcasting live video to millions

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Data · Mobile · Networking and Traffic · iOS · Caching · Performance

Solving for traffic spikes through load balancing and enabling RTMP playback to bring latency down to a few seconds are some of the ways we enabled seamless live video sharing on Facebook. Read more...

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