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Open-sourcing RacerD: Fast static race detection at scale

Posted on Thursday
blog post · Mobile · Open Source · Development Tools · Java · Android · Testing

RacerD is now open source as a tool on top of our Infer static analysis platform. Read more...

Yoav ShapiraEngineering Manager at Facebook

Mobile @Scale 2017 recap

Posted last Wednesday
blog post · Mobile · @Scale · Boston · Development Tools · Android

Boston engineers share their approaches to scaling mobile products and services. Read more...

Lee ByronMobile hacker at Facebook

Relicensing the GraphQL specification

Posted about a month ago
blog post · Mobile · Data · Open Source · Development Tools · JavaScript

we're relicensing the GraphQL specification under the Open Web Foundation Agreement (OWFa) v1.0. Read more...

SLAM: Bringing art to life through technology

Posted about a month ago

AR uses technology to virtually change how you see the world around you. Facebook is doing this now through a camera app on your phone. Read more...

Lauren RuganiTechnology Communications at Facebook

Join us for @Scale 2017!

Posted about 4 months ago
blog post · Data · Mobile · Web · @Scale · Development Tools · Artificial Intelligence · Video

This year's event will feature tech talks on data, developer tools, site reliability, video, machine learning, and more. Read more...

Dev Tools @Scale 2017 Recap

Posted about 5 months ago
blog post · Infra · Web · Mobile · @Scale · Development Tools · Tooling · Testing · Backend

More than 200 engineers gathered to discuss challenges with software development at scale, from source control and code quality to build and testing. Read more...

AL: A new declarative language for detecting bugs with Infer

Posted about 5 months ago
blog post · Mobile · Testing · Development Tools · C · C++ · Open Source · Languages

AL is a simple, declarative language for reasoning about abstract syntax trees, and it's easy, quick, and interactive. Read more...

Adam WolffEngineering at Facebook

Facebook open source at F8 2017

Posted about 6 months ago
blog post · Web · Mobile · Front End · Open Source · JavaScript · Framework · Development Tools · Tooling

We announced several new open source projects today that improve app experiences for both users and engineers. Read more...

Open-sourcing Litho, a declarative UI framework for Android

Posted about 6 months ago
blog post · Mobile · Android · Framework · Development Tools · Open Source · Java · Front End

Litho lays out components ahead of time in a background thread, and renders incrementally to deliver best-in-class performance. Read more...

Relay Modern: Simpler, faster, more extensible

Posted about 6 months ago

The new version of Relay is designed from the ground up to be easier to use, more extensible, and optimized for mobile devices. Read more...

Register now for F8 2017!

Posted about 9 months ago

Apply now for a spot at Facebook's annual developer conference. Read more...

Building Zero protocol for fast, secure mobile connections

Posted about 9 months ago
blog post · Mobile · Networking and Traffic · Security · Android · iOS · Performance

The protocol introduces several changes that help make mobile connections more efficient and secure. Read more...

Facebook Open Source 2016 year in review

Posted about 10 months ago

Over the past few years, Facebook's Open Source program has grown into one of the largest and most active portfolios in the industry. Read more...

Miki FriedmannEngineering

Made in NY: The engineering behind social recommendations

Posted about 11 months ago

The product incorporates machine learning and client-side caching to identify relevant posts and dynamically update attachments as new recommendations are added. Read more...

Emil SjölanderSoftware engineer at Facebook

Yoga: A cross-platform layout engine

Posted about 11 months ago
blog post · Mobile · Web · Open Source · Front End · iOS · Android · Design Tools · C

The open-source layout engine allows product engineers to build layouts quickly for multiple platforms. Read more...

Mark PengEngineering Manager at Facebook

Keyframes: Delivering scalable, high-quality animations to mobile clients

Posted about 11 months ago
blog post · Mobile · iOS · Android · Open Source · Front End · User Experience · Design Tools · JavaScript

The open source library is able to export and play back high-quality, lightweight animations, such as the ones seen in Facebook Reactions. Read more...

Delivering real-time AI in the palm of your hand

Posted about 12 months ago

Caffe2go is a new deep learning platform that can — for the first time — capture, analyze, and process pixels in real time, directly on a mobile device. Read more...

Lucas RochaEngineering

Components for Android: A declarative framework for efficient UIs

Posted about 12 months ago

Components for Android delivers smooth scroll performance on feeds with complex content and virtually infinite variations. Read more...

Client-side ranking to more efficiently show people stories in feed

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Infra · Mobile · News Feed · Backend · User Experience

The ability to re-rank stories on device helps improve News Feed for everyone regardless of network connection. Read more...

Brett LavallaWebmaster at Facebook

Android accessibility debugging with Stetho

Posted about a year ago

The open source debugging tool now includes an Accessibility Properties section that improves app compatibility with focus navigation. Read more...

Bryan O'SullivanEngineering at Facebook

Peter O'Hearn elected Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Mobile · Tooling · Testing · Academics

O'Hearn's work on separation logic underpins Facebook's open source static analyzer Infer. Read more...

Lauren RuganiTechnology Communications at Facebook

Highlights from @Scale 2016

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Data · Mobile · @Scale · Tooling · Video · Open Source · Artificial Intelligence

Engineers representing hundreds of companies gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities of building apps and systems at scale. Read more...

Lauren RuganiTechnology Communications at Facebook

Facebook announces new tech at @Scale 2016

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Data · Mobile · @Scale · Video · Tooling · Performance

New data storage technologies, 360 video improvements, and performance tools were revealed throughout the day. Read more...

Erin GreenEngineering

@Scale 2016 lineup announced!

Posted about a year ago

Registration for the 2016 @Scale conference is now open. Read more...

Antoine ReversatEngineering

The mobile device lab at the Prineville data center

Posted about a year ago

The custom-built rack lets engineers run tests on thousands of phones to understand the performance implications of a code change. Read more...

Udi CohenEngineering at Facebook

Memory optimization for feeds on Android

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Mobile · Android · Performance · Testing · News Feed

Creating an optimized data structure led to a reduction in allocations and an overall improvement in memory efficiency. Read more...

Developing the technical language behind creativity for Canvas

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Mobile · User Experience · Design Tools

Intuitive and flexible components provide a customizable combination of high-level primitives that allow creators to bring stories to life on mobile devices. Read more...

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