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Introducing ComponentKit: Functional and declarative UI on iOS

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Data · iOS · Open Source · Performance · News Feed · Development Tools · Design Tools

We're open-sourcing ComponentKit, a native iOS library for functional and declarative UI. It is inspired by React and is used in News Feed in the Facebook iOS app. Read more...

Brandon WalkinProduct Designer at Facebook

Introducing Origami Live

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Mobile · iOS · Design Tools · Platform

We’re excited to release Origami Live for iOS, along with a major new version of Origami for Mac. Origami Live is a new app that lets you use your Origami prototypes on your iPhone or iPad. Read more...

Tomer BarEngineering at Facebook

Faster Photos in Facebook for iOS

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Data · iOS · Photos · Performance · User Experience · Storage · News Feed

Faster Photos in Facebook for iOS.

Brian K CabralDirector of Engineering at Facebook

The art and science behind auto-enhance for iOS

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Photos · iOS · Compute · User Experience · Performance

When designing auto-enhance for iOS, we wanted to capture the moment as we saw it, not as most cameras render it. Read more...

Adam ErnstiOS Developer at Facebook

Making News Feed nearly 50% faster on iOS

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Data · iOS · News Feed · User Experience · Optimization · Performance · Framework · Caching · Storage · Testingmore

We realized that while Core Data had served us well in the beginning, we needed to go without some of its features to accommodate our scale. We set about replacing it with our own solution, resulting in News Feed performing nearly 50% faster on iOS. Read more...

Introducing AsyncDisplayKit: For smooth and responsive apps on iOS

Posted about 3 years ago

AsyncDisplayKit is an iOS framework that keeps even the most complex user interfaces smooth and responsive. Read more...

Nick SchrockEngineering at Facebook

@Scale 2014: Recap of Mobile Track

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Infra · @Scale · Android · iOS

It's never been a more exciting time to be a software developer. Two billion people — over a quarter of the entire human race — can access, with a single tap of a screen, software on smartphones, devices that would have been considered magic just a few decades ago. Read more...

Debugging file corruption on iOS

Posted about 4 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Infra · iOS · Platform · Performance · Optimization

Recently, we solved a long-term mobile debugging problem and reduced the crash rate for people using the Facebook for iOS app by more than 50 percent. Read more...

Nick PetroEngineering

F8 Developer Conference - Hacker Way Recap

Posted about 4 years ago
blog post · Data · Infra · Mobile · Web · Performance · Optimization · Open Source · Hack · Messages · Design Tools · Android · iOSmore

Over 1,700 developers traveled to the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco for Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference last week. Read more...

Kimon TsinterisEngineering Manager at Facebook

Introducing Pop, the animation engine behind Paper

Posted about 4 years ago
blog post · Mobile · iOS · Open Source · Framework · Design Tools

A couple of months ago we launched Paper, a fluid and beautiful way to explore and share stories. Today we’re open-sourcing Pop, the animation engine behind the application’s smooth animations and transitions. Using dynamic instead of traditional static animations, Pop drives the scrolling, bouncing, and unfolding effects that bring Paper to life. Read more...

Airlock - Facebook's mobile A/B testing framework

Posted about 4 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Testing · iOS · Android · Platform

Two years ago, we rewrote our mobile apps on iOS and Android to use the native development stacks in place of the custom web-stack we had been developing. This gave us finer control over when and how items were downloaded, cached, and freed. It also opened up access for deeper integration into the respective operating systems and revealed a full toolbox for tuning and tweaking all systems under the hood. With this shift, we needed a new mobile A/B testing infrastructure that would let us expose our users to multiple versions of our apps (version A and version B), which are the same in all aspects except for some specific tests. So we created Airlock, a testing framework that lets us compare metric data from each version of the app and the various tests, and then decide which version to ship or how to iterate further. Read more...

David GarciaEngineering

Building a faster Messenger

Posted about 4 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Android · Platform · iOS · Messages · Performance · Tooling · Testing

A little over two years ago we launched Messenger to give people passionate about messaging a simpler and faster way to communicate with their friends. As features have been well received by our Messenger users we've brought them over to our core Facebook apps. As a result, the Messenger and messaging experience across Facebook became very similar. Read more...

Scott RenfroEngineering at Facebook

Secure browsing by default

Posted about 5 years ago
blog post · Web · Infra · Mobile · Security · Android · iOS · User Experience · Networking and Traffic

We now use https by default for all Facebook users. This feature, which we first introduced as an option two years ago, means that your browser is told to communicate with Facebook using a secure connection, as indicated by the "https" rather than "http" in This uses Transport Layer Security (TLS), formerly known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and makes the communication between your browser and Facebook servers more secure. Read more...

Under the Hood: Integrating standalone mobile app features into Facebook for iOS

Posted about 5 years ago
blog post · Infra · Mobile · iOS

Earlier this week we rolled out an update to Facebook for iOS that more deeply integrates the best features from two of our standalone apps, Camera and Messenger, into the core app. With over 600 million people accessing Facebook on mobile devices every month, our engineers are dedicated to making the mobile Facebook experience as fast, reliable, and feature-rich as possible. Read more...

Product engineering at Facebook

Posted about 5 years ago

Only a few years ago, 10 engineers were responsible for innovating, building and maintaining all of the products (a.k.a. features) on Facebook, including Profiles, Pages, Groups, Messages, Photos, and Events. These people were our first product engineers, a role that is a mix of generalist engineer, product designer, and product manager. Read more...

Peter CottleEngineering at Facebook

Interning at Facebook: Building the new mobile advertising interface

Posted about 5 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Culture · iOS · Platform · User Experience · Bootcamp · Academics · Recruiting

Before starting my internship at Facebook, I was told that intern mentors focus on impact when assigning projects. Originally I thought this meant I would be writing unit tests that ran on a lot of servers, or maybe writing documentation that many people would read. I learned instead that mentors have the ability to assign interns critical features in a product’s roadmap. Receiving such a project can be intimidating, but when the intern rises to the challenge, the payoff is huge. Read more...

Jonathan DannEngineering

Under the hood: Rebuilding Facebook for iOS

Posted about 6 years ago
blog post · Infra · Mobile · iOS

Today we released a new version of Facebook for iOS that's faster, more reliable, and easier to use than ever before. The development of this new app signals a shift in how Facebook is building mobile products, with a focus on digging deep into individual platforms. To understand how we approached this shift, let's take a look at how Facebook has evolved on mobile. Read more...

From intern to Photos team full-timer: Jen Dolson

Posted about 6 years ago
blog post · Web · Mobile · Culture · Photos · iOS · Recruiting

Jen Dolson started at Facebook as an intern last July on the Photos team. At the end of the summer, she decided to join the photos team full-time. Read on to learn how she transitioned from grad school to Facebook, her advice for engineers starting their first job, and how to get ahead of the learning curve. Read more...

Ben HamiltonSoftware engineer at Facebook

Meet a Facebook Engineer: Ben Gertzfield

Posted about 6 years ago
blog post · Culture · Mobile · Messages · iOS · Chat · Hacking

At Facebook, our engineers collaborate to create an open environment where ideas win and are executed quickly. Each week, our engineers will give you a look into what it's like to iterate and build at Facebook in our new "Meet a Facebook Engineer" Q&A series. Check back weekly to hear from different engineers about what problems they're passionate about solving right now, what they're up to at Facebook and what advice they have for you. Read more...

Lucy ZhangEngineering

Building Facebook Messenger

Posted about 7 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Messages · Android · iOS · Performance · Testing


Debbie FergusonEngineering

Hackamonth: Mixing Things Up

Posted about 7 years ago
blog post · Culture · Mobile · Hacking · Compute · iOS · Photos


Scott MacVicarEngineering

Google Summer of Code 2010

Posted about 7 years ago
blog post · Culture · Mobile · Web · Compute · Open Source · Academics · PHP · HipHop · HTML5 · JavaScript · iOSmore

This summer we participated in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for the first time and wanted to share an update on the progress our students made. GSoC is in its sixth year and exists to encourage university students to spend their summer coding for an open source / free software project. The students in turn are awarded a stipend which definitely makes this a cool summer job. Read more...

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