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Evgeny KuzyakovVirtual Reality Hacker at Facebook

End-to-end optimizations for dynamic streaming

Posted on Wednesday
blog post · Infra · Video · Virtual Reality · @Scale

From new geometries to being more selective in stream choice, we were able to decrease bit rates by up to 92% in some cases and decrease interruptions by more than 80% when streaming 360 video. Read more...

Disaggregate: Networking recap

Posted about a month ago

Industry leaders in networking engineering share how disaggregating hardware and software fosters innovation. Read more...

The growing ecosystem around open networking hardware

Posted about a month ago

Several companies have developed solutions around Facebook's open networking technologies. Read more...

Sustainable materials in the data center

Posted about a month ago
blog post · Infra · Data Centers · Hardware · Open Compute

Building data center hardware from renewable natural fibers has helped Facebook reduce the environmental footprint of its hyper-efficient data centers even further. Read more...

Glenn RivkeesProduction Engineer at Facebook

Legacy support on IPv6-only infra

Posted about a month ago

A series of changes to Facebook's load balancers allows IPv4 traffic to be served on its IPv6 data center infrastructure. Read more...

Roy ZhangEngineering

Favorite hacks of 2016

Posted about 2 months ago

Company hackathons spurred the development of several new products and tools in 2016. Read more...

Reviewing Aquila's first full-scale test flight

Posted about 2 months ago
blog post · Infra · Connectivity · Research

Facebook is designing and building second-generation aircraft based on its learnings. Read more...

Introducing Backpack: Our second-generation modular open switch

Posted about 4 months ago

Together with Wedge 100, Backpack brings us one step closer to the fully open 100G data center. Read more...

Introducing Community Cellular Manager: A management and deployment suite for small-scale cellular networks

Posted about 4 months ago

CCM is designed for reliable operation in environments with unreliable power and backhaul, providing fully disconnected operation for local voice and SMS services. Read more...

An open approach for switching, routing, and transport

Posted about 4 months ago

Facebook used Open Packet DWDM — a packet transponder and open line transport system with open optical specifications — to develop a new transponder platform called Voyager. Read more...

Client-side ranking to more efficiently show people stories in feed

Posted about 4 months ago
blog post · Infra · Mobile · News Feed · Backend · User Experience

The ability to re-rank stories on device helps improve News Feed for everyone regardless of network connection. Read more...

Apache Spark @Scale: A 60 TB+ production use case

Posted about 6 months ago
blog post · Data · Infra · Data Infrastructure · Analytics · Backend · Open Source

Through a series of performance and reliability improvements, we were able to scale Spark to handle a TB-scale entity ranking system in production. Read more...

Yoshinori MatsunobuDatabase Engineer at Facebook

MyRocks: A space- and write-optimized MySQL database

Posted about 6 months ago
blog post · Data · Infra · Storage · MySQL · Backend · Data Infrastructure

Deploying MyRocks to a database tier in one of our data center regions enabled a 50 percent reduction in storage requirements. Read more...

Inside Facebook's hardware labs: Moving faster with more collaboration

Posted about 7 months ago
blog post · Infra · Hardware · Research

The state-of-the-art, 22,000-square-foot lab enables faster modeling, prototyping, and failure analysis in-house and better collaboration among teams. Read more...

Flying Aquila: Early lessons from the first full-scale test flight and the path ahead

Posted about 7 months ago
blog post · Infra · Research

The test flight marks an important milestone in Facebook's mission to make the world more open and connected. Read more...

Romain KomornEngineering

Making Facebook self-healing: Automating proactive rack maintenance

Posted about 8 months ago

Aggregate Maintenance Handlers provide a way to safely automate maintenance on multiple servers at once. Read more...

Kashif AliEngineer at Facebook

Introducing OpenCellular: An open source wireless access platform

Posted about 8 months ago

The platform can be configured as a network-in-a-box or cellular access point and supports wireless network standards from 2G to LTE. Read more...

Peter CottleEngineering at Facebook

Safety Check: Streamlining deployment around the world

Posted about 9 months ago
blog post · Infra · Web · Backend · Graph · User Experience

Scaling our infrastructure and automating many of the activation steps has enabled Safety Check to be launched anywhere around the world at a moment's notice. Read more...

Introducing DeepText: Facebook's text understanding engine

Posted about 9 months ago
blog post · Infra · Data · Research · News Feed

DeepText can understand with near-human accuracy the textual content of several thousand posts per second, spanning more than 20 languages. Read more...

Facebook Seattle moves into Dexter Station

Posted about 9 months ago
blog post · Infra · Culture · Seattle · Data Infrastructure · Storage · Platform

The open layout fosters Facebook's open and transparent culture, helping connect teams as they work together to connect the world. Read more...

Petr LapukhovNetwork Engineer at Facebook

Introducing Open/R — a new modular routing platform

Posted about 10 months ago
blog post · Infra · Networking and Traffic

The new software powers Terragraph, our multi-node wireless network that delivers high-speed internet connectivity in dense urban areas. Read more...

James SedgwickSoftware Engineer at Facebook

Wangle — an asynchronous C++ networking and RPC library

Posted about 10 months ago

Wangle is a C++ library for building protocols, servers, and clients in an asynchronous, clean, composable, and scalable manner. Read more...

Phil DibowitzProduction Engineer at Facebook

Facebook Chef cookbooks

Posted about 11 months ago
blog post · Infra · Data · Open Source · Production Engineering

This suite of cookbooks — along with a sample 'init' cookbook — will allow anyone who wants to use our model of Chef in their own environment to get started easily and quickly. Read more...

Introducing Facebook's new terrestrial connectivity systems — Terragraph and Project ARIES

Posted about 11 months ago
blog post · Infra · Networking and Traffic · Research

Connectivity Lab's two new terrestrial systems are focused on improving the speed, efficiency, and quality of internet connectivity around the world. Read more...

Facebook's new front-end server design delivers on performance without sucking up power

Posted about 12 months ago

The new design packs more than twice the compute capacity into each rack while maintaining the rack power budget. Read more...

Connectivity Lab custom-designs two-axis gimbal for air-to-air and air-to-ground laser communications

Posted about 12 months ago
blog post · Infra · Networking and Traffic · Research

We custom-designed a gimbal that is 2x lighter than the previous state of the art to be used onboard UAVs. The gimbal had to swivel, be lightweight, and be aerodynamically appropriate for the job. Read more...

Facebook AI Research launches partnership program

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Infra · Hardware · Research · Open Source

The Facebook AI Research Partner Program will donate 25 state-of-the-art GPU-based servers to EU research institutions to help advance the science of artificial intelligence. Read more...

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