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Building data science teams to have an impact at scale

Posted about a week ago
blog post · Data Science · Analytics · Optimization · Academics

Facebook's data scientists help build more efficient tools and systems, improve performance, and devise long-term scaling strategies across our infrastructure stack. Read more...

Advancing state-of-the-art image recognition with deep learning on hashtags

Posted about 2 months ago

Facebook researchers used new techniques in weakly supervised training and leveraging large data sets to train its image recognition system, resulting in the best-ever accuracy score by a common benchmark. Read more...

Connecting the world with better maps

Posted about 2 years ago

By applying computer vision techniques to satellite imagery, we can identify how populations are distributed in remote locations and determine the best way to provide connectivity in those areas. Read more...

Ryan MackEngineering

Security @Scale 2015: Engineering Security

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Infra · @Scale · Security · Data Science · Tooling · Hacking

More than 250 engineers gathered in Boston to share how they're building tools to address some of the most challenging engineering issues within security. Read more...

Kristie ChowEngineering

Spam Fighting @Scale Recap

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Data · Web · Mobile · @Scale · Security · Platform · Data Science · Graph · User Experience

Hundreds of spam-fighting professionals gathered to hear engineers at Facebook, Pinterest, Dropbox, Yelp, and LinkedIn discuss techniques for fighting spam. Read more...

Soumith ChintalaArtificial Intelligence Research Engineer at Facebook

FAIR open sources deep-learning modules for Torch

Posted about 3 years ago

The modules are significantly faster than the default ones in Torch and have accelerated research projects by allowing users to train larger neural nets in less time. Read more...

Audience Insights query engine: In-memory integer store for social analytics

Posted about 4 years ago
blog post · Web · Data · Infra · Production Engineering · Analytics · Data Science

A query engine with a hybrid integer store that organizes data in memory and on flash disks so that a query can process terabytes of data in real time. Read more...

Open-sourcing Haxl, a library for Haskell

Posted about 4 years ago
blog post · Infra · Data · Web · Backend · Open Source · Caching · Languages · Security · Data Science · Analyticsmore

Today we're open-sourcing Haxl, a Haskell library that simplifies access to remote data, such as databases or web-based services. Read more...

Ashish ThusooEngineering at Facebook

Hive - A Petabyte Scale Data Warehouse using Hadoop

Posted about 9 years ago

A number of engineers from Facebook are speaking at the Yahoo! Hadoop Summit today about the ways we are using Hadoop and Hive for analytics. Hive is an open source, peta-byte scale date warehousing framework based on Hadoop that was developed by the Data Infrastructure Team at Facebook. In this blogpost we'll talk more about Hive, how it has been used at Facebook and its unique architecture and capabilities. Read more...

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