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David MortensonEngineering

2017 Year in review: Data centers

Posted about a month ago

Looking back at the new technologies and advancements from Facebook engineering in 2017. Read more...

Building Express Backbone: Facebook’s new long-haul network

Posted about 9 months ago

Increased bandwidth demand for replication of rich content like photos and video challenged the classic backbone network design. Read more...

Sriram SankarEngineering at Facebook

Hardware Analytics and Lifecycle Optimization (HALO) at Facebook

Posted about 10 months ago

Having an array of real-time infrastructure data at our fingertips helps Facebook maintain hardware health at a global scale. Read more...

Arlene Gabriana MurilloTechnical Program Manager at Facebook

The end-to-end refresh of our server hardware fleet

Posted about 11 months ago

Innovations across our storage and compute hardware enable our server fleet to scale and improve performance of Facebook's apps and services. Read more...

Kevin LeeEngineering

Introducing Big Basin: Our next-generation AI hardware

Posted about 11 months ago

With Big Basin, we can train machine learning models that are 30 percent larger, which enables our researchers and engineers to move more quickly in developing increasingly complex AI models. Read more...

Jason AdrianEngineering

Introducing Bryce Canyon: Our next-generation storage platform

Posted about 11 months ago

Bryce Canyon will primarily be used for high-density storage and is designed to support more powerful processors and more memory, while also improving thermal and power efficiency. Read more...

Designing 100G optical connections

Posted about 11 months ago

The single-mode optical transceiver enables Facebook's data centers to serve traffic at 100 Gb/s while keeping power consumption low and increasing efficiency. Read more...

Disaggregate: Networking recap

Posted about 12 months ago

Industry leaders in networking engineering share how disaggregating hardware and software fosters innovation. Read more...

The growing ecosystem around open networking hardware

Posted about 12 months ago

Several companies have developed solutions around Facebook's open networking technologies. Read more...

Sustainable materials in the data center

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Infra · Data Centers · Hardware · Open Compute

Building data center hardware from renewable natural fibers has helped Facebook reduce the environmental footprint of its hyper-efficient data centers even further. Read more...

Glenn RivkeesProduction Engineer at Facebook

Legacy support on IPv6-only infra

Posted about a year ago

A series of changes to Facebook's load balancers allows IPv4 traffic to be served on its IPv6 data center infrastructure. Read more...

Introducing Backpack: Our second-generation modular open switch

Posted about a year ago

Together with Wedge 100, Backpack brings us one step closer to the fully open 100G data center. Read more...

Wedge 100: More open and versatile than ever

Posted about a year ago

The specification for Facebook's second-generation top-of-rack switch has been accepted into the Open Compute Project. Read more...

Lauren RuganiTechnology Communications at Facebook

Facebook in Los Lunas: Our newest data center

Posted about a year ago
blog post · Data Centers

Los Lunas will become Facebook's seventh data center overall and fifth US site. Read more...

Angelo FaillaEngineering

DHCPLB: An open source load balancer

Posted about a year ago

From hackathon prototype to internship project, the new load balancer is now deployed across Facebook's server fleet to manage DHCP traffic. Read more...

Robotron: Top-down network management at scale

Posted about a year ago

The system's top-down approach translates human intentions into a set of distributed, heterogeneous configurations to manage Facebook's global network. Read more...

Antoine ReversatEngineering

The mobile device lab at the Prineville data center

Posted about 2 years ago

The custom-built rack lets engineers run tests on thousands of phones to understand the performance implications of a code change. Read more...

Romain KomornEngineering

Making Facebook self-healing: Automating proactive rack maintenance

Posted about 2 years ago

Aggregate Maintenance Handlers provide a way to safely automate maintenance on multiple servers at once. Read more...

Niall McEntegartEngineering

Breaking ground at Clonee

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Data Centers


Facebook's new front-end server design delivers on performance without sucking up power

Posted about 2 years ago

The new design packs more than twice the compute capacity into each rack while maintaining the rack power budget. Read more...

Chris PetersenEngineering

Introducing Lightning: A flexible NVMe JBOF

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Open Compute · Storage · Data Centers

Lightning is a new NVMe-based storage platform built to improve flash capacity and performance while providing a common driver and management interface. Read more...

NetNORAD: Troubleshooting networks via end-to-end probing

Posted about 2 years ago

NetNORAD troubleshoots issues independently of device polling to help keep Facebook's massive networking infrastructure up and running. Read more...

Aaron BernsteinEngineering

Telecom industry embraces Open Compute Project

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Infra · Hardware · Compute · Open Compute · Data Centers · Open Source

Industry leaders are collaborating on a new effort focused on data center technologies for telcos. Read more...

Thomas FurlongEngineering

Facebook in Ireland: Our newest data center

Posted about 2 years ago
blog post · Data Centers · Compute · Open Compute · Storage

The facility will be one of the most advanced data centers in the world, featuring OCP server and storage hardware. Read more...

Open networking advances with Wedge and FBOSS

Posted about 2 years ago

Work is already underway in scaling our software to operate at higher speeds and handle higher complexity. Read more...

Erin GreenEngineering

Using ISC Kea DHCP in our data centers

Posted about 3 years ago

Inside Facebook's transition to ISC Kea.

Erin GreenEngineering

Facebook in Fort Worth: Our newest data center

Posted about 3 years ago
blog post · Data Centers

When complete, in 2016, the new data center will feature the latest in OCP designs. Read more...

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