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Paul SaabEngineering at Facebook

Scaling memcached at Facebook

Posted about 9 years ago
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If you've read anything about scaling large websites, you've probably heard about memcached. memcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system. Here at Facebook, we're likely the world's largest user of memcached. Read more...

Jason SobelEngineering

Scaling Out

Posted about 10 years ago
blog post · Data · Infra · Caching · Performance

I joined Facebook in April 2007 and, after getting settled over the course of a few weeks, my manager Robert Johnson approached me. We talked for a while but the conversation boiled down to: Bobby: "So, Jason, we're going to open a new datacenter in Virginia by 2008. Do you think you can help?" Me: "Uh.... yes?" Bobby: "Great!" My first project at Facebook was a tad more involved then I was expecting, but I think that is one reason why we have such a great engineering organization; we have a lot of hard problems to solve and everyone here is excited to jump in and tackle them. I set out to really understand why we were building a new datacenter and what problems we had to overcome to make it work. Read more...

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