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Nimrod HoofienDirector, Engineering at Facebook

Accelerating growth through Facebook's Rotational Engineering Program

Posted about 12 months ago
blog post · Culture · Bootcamp · Recruiting

The one-year program provides a mix of technical skills, hands-on experience, and mentorship to help engineers from all backgrounds grow their skills. Read more...

Peter CottleEngineering at Facebook

Interning at Facebook: Building the new mobile advertising interface

Posted about 6 years ago
blog post · Mobile · Culture · iOS · Platform · User Experience · Bootcamp · Academics · Recruiting

Before starting my internship at Facebook, I was told that intern mentors focus on impact when assigning projects. Originally I thought this meant I would be writing unit tests that ran on a lot of servers, or maybe writing documentation that many people would read. I learned instead that mentors have the ability to assign interns critical features in a product’s roadmap. Receiving such a project can be intimidating, but when the intern rises to the challenge, the payoff is huge. Read more...

BozVP of AR/VR at Facebook

Meet a Facebook Engineer: Andrew (Boz) Bosworth

Posted about 6 years ago
blog post · Culture · Bootcamp · Recruiting · Hacking

At Facebook, our engineers collaborate to create an open environment where ideas win and are executed quickly. Each week, our engineers will give you a look into what it's like to ideate and build at Facebook in our new "Meet a Facebook Engineer" Q&A series. Check back weekly to hear from different engineers about what problems they're passionate about solving right now, what they're up to at Facebook and what advice they have for you. Read more...

Ben HamiltonSoftware engineer at Facebook

Bootcamp: Growing Culture at Facebook

Posted about 8 years ago
blog post · Culture · Compute · Bootcamp · Recruiting

One of the biggest challenges in any company is instilling your culture and values in your new hires. Especially as a company grows, this challenge becomes harder and harder to solve. In my experience, the most successful companies build a strong, self-sustaining culture from the very early stages, and use that foundation to recruit and retain the best talent in the industry. I just finished my first six weeks here, and I'm proud to say Facebook's engineering organization is built around reinforcing a unique culture of self-sufficient individual contribution from Day One with our Engineering Bootcamp program. (If you don't know much about Engineering Bootcamp at Facebook, check out Andrew Bosworth's excellent introduction to this innovative program. It's great reading!) Looking in from the outside, the idea of joining a general pool of newbie engineers, learning from my mentors and peers, and then choosing the team that best fit me seemed a little alien at first. Before Facebook, I'd always been assigned to a team before my first interview at a company. To think I had control over my own destiny at Facebook was at the same time empowering—and more than a little nerve-wracking! In hindsight, though, the ideas behind Bootcamp are simple and brilliant, and refreshingly different from a traditional new hire training program. Six weeks of hands-on concrete problem solving and cross-team feature work with an experienced mentor are a perfect way for any group (not just Engineering!) to:. Read more...

BozVP of AR/VR at Facebook

Facebook Engineering Bootcamp

Posted about 9 years ago
blog post · Culture · Compute · Recruiting · Bootcamp

One of the statistics we are most proud of at Facebook is our ratio of users to engineers. When I joined the company in January of 2006, we had 5 million users being supported by about 15 engineers, a ratio of about 300,000 users per engineer. We have more than doubled the size of our engineering team every year since then, but our user growth has far outpaced us. Today there are roughly 1.2 million users per engineer. In the summer of 2008, as the engineering team was poised to pass Dunbar's number, we decided to try something new to help us scale. Every new engineer that joined Facebook, whether a recent college grad or a new director, would go through an intensive six week program designed to immerse the new engineer into our code base, give greater flexibility in choosing a project, and promote the types of habits that would allow us to scale up our organization. That program is called Bootcamp. Read more...

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